Trying to get outside. Not doing very well. It’s hard being tired all the time.


  1. I noted cancer just curious of what type. My grandson had cancer of the brain and survived. I wrote it on my blog in I have seen fire and I have seen rain. He is now seventeen and driving. Surviving cancer is tough and in the back of your mind is the process you went through. In my Grandson;’s case he was three when it happened and fortunately cannot remember the pain and problems. He does have the scars. And his grandparents will always remember the sleepless nights of wondering if he would make it.

    • I had stage 3b Melanoma. It was in my Lymph nodes as well. On the back of my head/neck. I had a radical neck dissection. They made an incision from the front of my neck, below my chin, around to the back, then up my neck to above my ear. Ripped out all the lymph nodes and a lot of muscle. Then a month of chemo, every day. (Except Saturday and Sunday). I’m glad your grandson can’t remember much. I imagine it was so hard for you guys!

      • Life goes on. He survived. But unfortunately his mother, our daughter-in-law developed colon cancer and after two years of battle she passed away. My grandson lost his mom. Cancer is a bitch.

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