National Novel Writing Month

National Novel Writing Month

EXCUSES.. excuses… I have lots of them. 1667 words a day. I set a goal of 2000.

So, instead of writing NANO. I write this blog post. Uhg.

I have mixed emotions about NANO and I need to just do it. I haven’t written a single word yet and it started yesterday! That means 3334 words technically behind or 4000 words behind to meet my goals!

Reasons why I didn’t start yesterday:

1). Dragons.. There were so many. The skies were filled with them. I almost died 27 and 1/2 times by breathing fire! Yeah..  that’s it, FIRE, PEOPLE!!

2). Umm.. two.. reason two…  Umm.. KIDS!  YES, the kids, or rather my kids. Oh, the drama and noise and.. umm… YES, dragons.. saving them from dragons… Helping with homework (Not necessarily in that order). Why didn’t I write while they were at school you ask? HELLO!! See reason 1.

3). Umm.. OH! Quantum Mechanics… I mean.. double checking the Boolean Pythagorean Triples problem can be very difficult indeed. I was right on the verge of complete memorization when the first dragon attacked. Within thirty-three point three seconds, I was already on my four and three-quarters effort of not dying!

4). Trump.. sure that sounds good!

5). Obama!!  YEAH!! Can’t leave him out!

I know I can think of some more. It most likely comes down to being completely unprepared and unsure of what to even write. Great ideas, bad ideas any ideas. I don’t know.

I do know I don’t want to fail this year. 11 years of trying and yet to produce a single NANO project. I mean, my youngest is 11. He turned out okay so far. Minimum Psychiatric/therapy for sure! *grins*

Okay, no more excuses. Time to go stare at a blank screen for awhile.




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