The Privatization of Star Trek

Okay, yeah… I’m most likely what the World, would call a Trekkie. I love to read, write, watch movies, all kinds, good movies, bad movies, and yes, Star Trek.

I am down with being called a Geek, or nerd, that is fine. Yup, big mean biker looking, guy, is actually a nerdy dad. Shh, don’t tell anyone.

CBS, A TV Network I have enjoyed watching several TV shows and movies on, over my lifetime, have decided to charge people money to watch specific television shows produced solely for Internet user consumption. I shall list a few other such people.

Netflix (Big Pharm here!)
HULU (Slow start but has become very successful the last few years)
FREEFORM (Oh, ABC Family, is sneaking in under the radar! Though through another streaming service. How dare them!)

Star Trek Discovery is on CBS All Access. Yes, you need to pay a monthly Fee, like the above sites, to access their content. 5.99 a month with commercials, 9.99 a month without commercials No, I can’t afford it. Of course, I can’t afford Netflix right now either.

Is the show any good? That is an opinion. In my Opinion, yes.

Now the reason I am writing this. I read a WordPress article as of late. I was disturbed and upset by it. Of course, it was their opinion.
They were upset about how much they were a fan of Star Trek and dedicated to all their favorite seasons. Also, how they were boycotting the new Star Trek, because of having to pay for it.

Buying a bag of flour or rice etc.. 5.99 can buy a poor family food for a few days! I agree totally on this. It is why I myself did not sign up for it.

They also pointed out several other reasons. One being CBS would make so much more money putting it on regular TV. I don’t own “regular” TV anymore.

So, I got emotional and defensive, I know… It happens to me a lot. I also can’t believe I got emotional and defensive about a TV show. I suppose though it wasn’t the TV show aspect that I got defensive about, it was my family.

My response was:

“you guys are making me feel guilty and ashamed. lol.. I know about the bag of rice. The pasta and the pennies we count. We struggle to keep the internet on for kids these days. What a great excuse that is eh? Gotta keep the net so the kids can do homework and connect to the school from home. We haven’t had cable TV in six years I think. I don’t buy myself clothes. I own two T-shirts. Two pairs of shorts. Three pairs of underwear. I give up all the time to my children. To the food of the house. Too many health issues. Netflix has been gone for some time. Money is TIGHT! There isn’t any left. I haven’t received/given a birthday present to my wife or her giving me one in years… Same with anniversaries.

SO, I was angry too… WHAT? PAY CBS!? I watched the articles and news sites for over a year. All the while saddened about a pay site I couldn’t afford.

My wife paid for a present for me. As a Trekkie and more than a fan of Star Trek, I was excited and angry. I felt guilty that she spent the money on me. That could have bought pasta, or rice, or a gallon of milk! wow, milk, we haven’t been able to afford that in months. I made her feel guilty. She said it was a gift and I wasn’t supposed to question a gift.

The boys worked hard mowing lawns, raking.. yard work. That’s where the extra money came from.

Extra money? There is NO SUCH THING!

What about the PASTA! THE RICE!! THE MILK… Oh, the yummy milk. The milk I leave for the boys to drink, or cooking. I haven’t had a drop of milk touch my lips in almost a year.

I have watched seasons of star trek with my sons. Seasons obtained in good times and money. Currently, my fourteen-year-old son has watched with me, DS9, Voyager, almost all of TNG and a few episodes of TOS. A few of the animated as well. The first season of Enterprise!

HE is hooked.

Movies for one person cost way more than that. We haven’t taken the kids to a movie in years. My youngest is 11. He doesn’t remember what a movie theater experience is.

More guilt. Cancer guilt. A home recluse/hermit guilt. Stuck in bed most of the time, sick person guilt.
No camping or fishing, or hunting guilt. No bike rides or walking or beaches. the boys haven’t had a working bike in almost two years, GUILT!

That money could have fixed an inner tube tire. Bikes are too small anyway for them now…

EVERYONE was excited. Everyone gathered in my/our bedroom. We watched Star Trek as a family and we all fell in love with a TV show that shown ALL those things you expressed Star Trek was and represented.

Now, I am not too thrilled about the use of the, F, word. That made me frown.

It really is a great show though.

CBS has every single episode of star trek ever made on its site, You get them also. As well as I LOVE LUCY and MCGYVER. all their old great shows.

I hope as a true Trekkie, you will wait till the show is all done. Then pay, for less of the cost of a movie ticket, for a one-month subscription and watch all the episodes, then cancel Binging I think they call in now.

I don’t think you will regret it.

I still feel guilty. But those kids, they love it. We love it together, as a family.”

My comment still sits waiting for moderation. *Grumbles* EDIT: Update… Yay! My post was approved and the blogger was very kind of course. Felt bad for making me feel guilty. I assured her it was great she was willing to share her opinion. It is what blogging is all about. your own personal self. Putting it out there! No worries friend. I appreciate the article, if anything.

Okay, now my rant is done. It was a great present. I appreciate the amazing gift of being able to watch the show. CBS and the production company, as well as the actors and everyone involved, did a great job. I look forward to season 2!

I still feel guilty…

TL Stafford


  1. Nice article, man! I, too, am a Trekkie. And I haven’t had TV since 1999. And I don’t subscribe to any of those other things you mentioned. BUT I have years ago saved money and purchased the DVD series of the Star Treks. I watch them on my computer. I will have to wait until ST.D comes out on disc as well. Or read the books. That’s mostly what I do anymore. Read the books. They’re pretty awesome. If you find the right authors anyway.

    Hey, I know it cost money for you guys, but it’s also hard to put a price on family time like that. Cliche maybe but so true. I’m a bit jelly that you got to see it though!! I can wait…. I can wait… I can wait….

  2. And 20 years from now the guilt will be forgotten and all that will be left is fond memories for your children of time spent watching Star Trek with their dad and mom 🙂

  3. I watched Kirk and Spock in the 70’s (my elementary years, on a B/W TV) and loved them ever since. So it’s kinda strange to imagine the latter would greet me with “Live long and be a subscriber!” 🙂

  4. I am unquestionably a Star Trek fan. Aww, William Shatner and Patrick Stewart… If I was a cat I would Prrr. Seriously, it brings back great memories. But I admit it. I am an even bigger fan of Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Still my friend, Tim? 😀

  5. I grew up watching Star Trek with my dad. The geek is strong with my husband and I. Stronger maybe still with our kids. MacGyver, Stargate, Classic Star Wars.

    We have our first TV for the first time since 2009. It is used primarily for the super Nintendo. Because we love our geeky classics.

    We do still have Netflix, but someone else pays for it as a gift.

    And for 2 years we lived in a 5th wheel. We didn’t have to. But we chose to. It was a lesson in downsizing, and doing without. And understanding what was important.

    We don’t have a lot by a long shot. Most in our situation would need a second job. But we are debt free and do without so I can be home, and homeschool.

    I say all this to say I get being defensive and emotional when I feel guilty over the things we normally do without. Its how we live the life we live. I see it as prioritizing. Most just look down on us. We live poor. But it’s our choice. Being home as a family so we CAN watch Godzilla and Monty Python’s search for the Holy grail it’s what life is all about. Otherwise, what does any of it matter?

      • While living in the trailer, I have been in situations without water, and separate situations without electricity. Neither was fun. But water was by far easier to live without.

        I made a choise in that life. I can’t imagine living brick and mortar and struggling without water or electricity because funds were tight.

        For us it was minimilization, and less grid. For a time and a goal. Disconnecting and finding myself while my husband was abroad. It was though and definitely tested my mental strength. And I fear it may have ruined my kids sometimes. But i found myself. And became a better mother and partner. So it was worth it.

      • They did! They loved it. They were always dirty and muddy. And no cougars ate them. They beg me to go back all the time. I just self doubt! Lol

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