Oh yes!

A hurried breath of silence fills my ears as my visions leave me…

With the stench known for a countless millennium of years, the peace is there.

As is the blinded fury of the past mixed with the future, and only the present taking in the breath she desires…

Oh yes…

That bitch desires it quite a lot!-

-And with that firey intake of pure lust or desire for what is or what isn’t…

I lay here. My mind numb. Numb for only an instant. Time enough for her to take me. Use me, for her bidding, and her will, bring me to that edge! And does she let me go?

…Oh yes… Oh yes…

The huge, beautiful, deadly claws rip at my flesh with an almost unbearable pleasure… She lets me fall.

Oh yes…

She lets me take the air rushing into my face at a thousand, no, A million? No… At countless seconds or even hours. She is there, before I hit. Those wonderful smells of roses and love, mixed with lust and foul need and yearning.

…Oh yes… She is there.

She catches you and whispers the words you need to hear. Need to know, before what you don’t know can happen, and what will happen will be in the past before the future can ever see it.

The present only watches with silent content and wonder for what was and what will be!

…Oh yes…

She is beautiful with her devil red eyes

…Oh yes…

She is beautiful with those rose soft lips.

…Oh yes…

She will not hesitate a moment. Or a second, but she might stalk.

…Oh yes… Linger there… Oh yes…

Above you, her breath making your blood boil with passionate lust.

…Oh yes…

She will endure until your soul can take no more of what you see, or think you see. Because what you will see, soon will be in the past.

…Oh yes… And the past is forgotten unless seen by the present.

…But oh yes, you will see it. And oh yes, she will be there. With her hot glowing red beautiful hands, digging down deep into every center of pleasure you own, bringing you to an image so wonderful.

…Oh yes… She is wonderful… Oh yes… How beautiful she is. She will bring you there. Soon the present won’t see the past anymore. The future will be smug at what is to come.

Because… Oh yes… She will be back… She might even dig her precious claws there… Oh yes… Her lust filled love for you…

Oh yes… Oh yes…

TL Stafford


  1. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    Do you mind I nominated you for the lovely blog award?
    To check the rules…: myaphorisms.com

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