The Bull…

Right… In the modeled light with the Rainbows, Crystals and Bullshit.
The raindrops hit you and a scowl is born with its lines and skin and bullshit…
Whatever right? With English and the Language and bullshit…
Why does it even turn? Or roll? And the stares and the seclusion and the madness and the bullshit… The improper sentence structure will kill you or at least maim you.
What question?
What fucking answer?
With the cursing and the questions and the bullshit.
The Audio is soothing, I can’t hear it.
The pretty pictures are mocking and the Art SUCKS!
The people mock what they do not understand and you again hear the same… The same… Things. See the same things… OVER AND OVER and you can’t get away and WHY? Oh hell, I hate it…
It’s cold…
The bullshit…

T.L. Stafford


  1. This is deep! It really touched me. I was not expecting this. I’m in similar bullshit situations all the time. Like nobody gets me except…

    • It is good to know people can relate. Reading what other people write and go through… Knowing that you aren’t alone in, feeling anything, or even feeling nothing. Just nodding and thinking, “Yeah I get that…”

      Thank you very much for sharing, I truly appreciate it!

      • Yeah man… Sorry it took me so long to come back and respond. Well, I hope you’re doing well. See ya around.

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