Grey/Gray Moods

Inside, I sometimes ride a grey/gray cloud of hope. I refuse to give up. That’s why the hope is gray.
You see, a darkness lives inside me. A part of me…
It intertwines its way through my mind and emotions. Greying what I see and feel. Every unexpected noise a thunderous sound… Drowning out everything. Driving me over the edge instantly… Into madness…
I have to cover my ears and seek a silence of some kind…
It’s so loud, it’s painful…
My light, -(My love)- she guides me.
Carving the darkness to grey/gray.
Muting the loud noises to a dull acceptable level…
She quiets the intrusion, taking my hand away from my ears and kissing me softly.
To make my life, worth…
I love you, my pretty girl.

T.L. Stafford


  1. I think if my husband were a writer, he would say just those words to me. He fights the darkness of mental illness and prison daily and says I’m what keeps him going. Teared up reading this, hence no comment at first.

    • She is always there for me and never ever complains and is an amazing friend, wife, and person. Well, she does grind her teeth in her sleep. I guess no one can be perfect! πŸ˜‰

    • Thank you… She is amazing. She would say otherwise, lol. I feel guilty sometimes for my moods and feelings. There she will be… Kissing me on my forehead. Holding my hand. Telling me how much she loves me. It is truly a storybook love. I am very lucky…

  2. Tim, the words that come straight from your heart are never dark or grey even when you write about the darker places you have been. I find your words to be a moment of light & hope and an example of gratitude for all of us.

  3. This is beautiful! In a world where everything is judged you have found someone who sees you as a whole and choses to love you anyways. I liked this! I also wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the awesome blogger award. The post is on my blog and all you have to do is read it and follow the instructions. Congrats!

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