Dark Ooze With the Blue Eyes

The second’s tick by moment to moment.
The dark shadows of the night creep in slowly, with suspicious glares and dangerous notions.
Darkness… Complete and total. The death of light for another second in time.
Little dark blue eyes, fill the shadowy pools of dark liquid. Slowly bubbling from the heat of the cold night air.
The smokey essence is quite visible and quite deadly.
The eyes blink and stare in awe at what is around him.
He looks at the edge of the pool as if he has never seen it and slowly withdraws.
Soon light will come and he much prefers the thick dark layers of shadows. Like protection; like home.
He coughs a disgusting black phlegm from his throat {Or what you could call his throat}.
The deformed {to us} fingers of his hands stretch out to become lethal and dangerous.
Like small razors, they slice at the thick smoke. Trying to scare no one but the shadows that watch him…
He knows others live there… In the jagged-edged worlds around him…
Perhaps they too are afraid of the light?
He knows nothing of this. Only his instincts… He sinks into his ooze. The burning cold touching and soothing his flesh.
He closes his blue eyes and runs from the light once again.

{Dedicate to a good friend}
T.L. Stafford


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