A hard memory from my wife…

Sometimes, with storybook romances and love… You have things from childhood you share. Childhoods can come in many flavors. Giggles and laughter. Good times, slow times… Rough times, poor times.

Sometimes, it’s a Neopolitan with more sprinkles than you can handle. (Ice cream analogies anyone?)

This blog post from my wife is very hard to read. It makes me cry…

I’m glad she shared it. We both keep too many things inside.


via ABBA and Mr. Bear


  1. Your wife is an amazing writer… It is rare for a story to break me into tears, but this one certainly did. Wow! What a horrid memory for her to have held inside for all that time, and to still pray for everyone around her… And simply wishing for a day of music and laughter, the strength from a little girl. What an amazing storyteller.

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