It is all I have right now… Witty eh?

It isn’t very sesquipedalian(I use this word whenever I get the slightest chance!), but what the hell.


  1. I had to Google it because I had to know what sesquipedalian meant. That’s one of those words which you have to copy each letter, one at a time, because it is too long to remember! :0

    • LOL, yeah, the word has amused me for many years. When my kids use big words, I look at them very seriously and say, “My, how sesquipedalian of you.” Just to amuse myself of course! πŸ˜‰

      • My boss is into big words – he is a wordsmith and collects big words, but not only big words, but odd words and even odd-sounding phrases to describe things. When he was a kid, he and his two brothers had to memorize a dictionary page each day and learn the vocabulary. Their father was an attorney and he had a set of the “Oxford English Dictionary” … that dictionary set has an over-sized volume for each letter of the alphabet except X, Y & Z which are contained in one volume. Apparently the father was a vocabulary whiz so he wanted his boys to be like that. He’d quiz them too … hmmm. I think they were afraid of their father as he was kind of ornery, so they made sure to memorize the words. I know – weird, huh?

  2. I bet some millenials would argue with you, saying it’s no octothorp. I wonder if some of them know what a “pound” key is. It’s become a hashtag and that is it.

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