Breaking Terror

It’s an invasion of my private mind. That darkness, those things…
I’m being chased, yet frozen. Helpless… I’m drowning in a bad acid trip from hell, yet no medicinals are involved.
The walls are melting… No, they are the walls themselves. They peel themselves away, slowly, peeking around.
They look everywhere but at me. They are ignoring me for last.
I can see the hollow black eyes searching around every corner of the room.
Oh, Jesus, please don’t let them look my way.
Is it too late to pray? Do I get to pay for my sins now? Is this my hell? This frozen state of mind?
I fall into a Nightmare from a waking dream. My lucid state has no control I’m third-person watching the horror.
I’m waking already… I fight to hold onto the horror of the dream, the Nightmare.
My real-world pain (fucking cancer) wakes me.
Oh… No movement… Again frozen in terror…
I’m breaking…
I can see the cracks fill the Grey/Gray. They are there, turning, looking…
Are they talking?
They are coming for me…
I wake to sweat and chilled…
I think I’m crying.
Am I crying?


  1. I felt and understood your pain. It was very vivid.
    Iโ€™m glad you are a survivor, you give hope in the darkness. And darkness is terrifying.

  2. Terror is the right word this is exactly what you managed to describe and I canโ€™t think about how it can be living it.I really wish these nights of terror of yours will gradually became less and less frequent until they disappear.

    • Over the years they have gotten better. Stress brings them on stronger. Other “triggers”… It has been extremely difficult lately… You are very sweet for caring so much to comment. I appreciate it. I haven’t been active on WordPress as of late… Not active in anything in my life really. To have so many care and comment is truly humbling.

    • Awww, you are very sweet! Thank you! Writing about it helps a lot. All you guys are great wanting to help. It humbles me how many people comment and scares me how many sympathize with similar experiences.

  3. What a gift you have to be able to let the right words to find your feelings… itโ€™s like your soul speaking directly to us…

  4. Your gave words to what I experience often as well. Iโ€™m so sorry these night terrors plague you as well. I hope they ease up for you soon. Praise God you can help others understand through your words. You are very strong to share. I appreciate it!

    • My family is pretty amazing too. So that helps… just hard to keep dealing with. Terrifying actually, lol.. I know it isn’t anything to laugh at. I can’t help it though.

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