Bad Today

It’s bad today.
How am I suppose to cope? I can’t think…
Hard to write words, move, My GOD that teenager is LOUD!
No pain killers…
Why would I get any of those…?
They know it hurts…
Going to have to bite the bullet and goto pain clinic.
How am I suppose to do anything…?……….
“Hey dad, my bike broke again… Can you help me fix it?”
I look up from writing these words…
“Sure son, bring it in here (My dining room converted into my bedroom now…). “We’ll fix it for good this time!” (Grabs JB Weld).
He smiles at me…
I’ll figure out how to “deal” after I fix the bike…

T.L Stafford


  1. Precisely what happens with me, when I’m down, my son smiles at me and I smile along.

    Btw, just wanted to let you know my blog is now private. You’ll need to ask for permission so I can grant you access, that is if you still want to read me. It’s easy, you’ll see.
    Hope to see you there.

  2. Sorry to hear about the pain. 😦
    I’m a wife, mom, grandmom and a cancer survivor (almost 4 years out from the surgery, etc.).
    We find out no matter what we as parents are going through, life goes on and we are needed to be parents. 🙂 Sometimes it’s those normal day-to-day things that keep us here and moving forward. 🙂
    You made your son smile. What a beautiful day!

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