As She Walks By…

As SHe Walks By

A slow and torturous sway…
Her hips distract my thoughts.
The shadows engulf her temptations.
Each eye-movement like a lifetime of ravenous starvation.
Need, desire… What are these words?
Do they even describe the devilish thoughts I have?
An eternity per second of want and pleasure.
Another sway…
How does she do that?
What power…
Like a succubus drawn to sleepy eyes.
My strong hands, wanting to touch like silk.
Wanting to know her wants, her need.
I am her Djinn, trying to give her wishes…
Yearning to give them, freely…
Forever enslaved in her service, would be this Djinn’s wish.
She smiles, catching me staring at her. She can read my thoughts and teases me.
Another eternity passes…
I will steal a kiss when she returns this way.
I will whisper poetry into her ear…
I will caress her cheek… I will spank her ass… After twenty years, so many eternities in a single day’s emotions.
For every day, I see her sway…
She brings me to an insane passion and a not so hidden lust for her touch.
I love her so…

T.L Stafford


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