The Meditation Flute

The Meditation Flute

Been a long while guys… I thought I would share a journey I have decided to take.

Day 1: I received The Meditation Flute in the mail. I watched the tracking like a hawk watching weak prey. I practically pounced the delivery person.

I was very tired… I hadn’t slept in a few days. But I had to look at it. I had to “try it out…” I knew of course my day dream of being a side blow flute prodigy right off the bat was horribly destroyed ;).

No big deal, I new there was a learning curve. By the end of the first hour I had made some noise with it… Sweet!

Day 2

I am making all kinds of noises… the holes and all… loud, not so loud… it is coming a long. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE.

I have the flute next to me. I take it out every 30 minutes or so for five minutes of lip torture.

I think I am improving every little practice session.

I will give you a slight history lesson of this Exotic accident of a flute and the Master Flute Maker that made it!

Erik The Flute Maker

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