The Meditation Flute Day 3 and 4

I grab the flute every 30 minutes. I spend about 5 minutes per session now. 10 minutes an hour and well over two hours a day the past few days.

I hit the low note a few hours ago. I had no idea how hard it would be to achieve that note. The lack of air flow is shocking to achieve such a deep, low and long sound. I could only hold my air and lip position for mere moments… only several notes worth of, just, wow…

The amount of emotional build up in those few seconds of achieving what I first thought was going to take a long while, brought tears to my eyes.

Umm, I did have a slight sting of Muscle rub lotion in there also… Stuff makes your eyes sting! 😉


  1. I wish my folks had bought me a flute instead of an accordian – my father was German so maybe he thought I’d play in an oom pah pah band! (The flute is a lot more soothing to the ears too.)

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